Ramakrishnan Sundara Raman

Graduate student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of Michigan

Ramakrishnan Sundara Raman Ramakrishnan Sundara Raman

About Me

I am currently a first year PhD student at the University of Michigan Computer Science and Engineering department, where I am advised by Prof. Roya Ensafi. My research focuses broadly on Computer Security and Privacy. I am interested in working with problems that measure availability and reliability across the Internet.

I graduated from VIT University, India in 2017 as a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. I also worked as a technical consultant for business applications in Microsoft India.

My Favorite Work

Thunderping Live

As a research intern at University of Maryland, I worked with Prof. Neil Spring on measuring last-mile residential Internet outages in areas affected by severe weather conditions. The Thunderping tool uses several vantage points to actively prove residential IP addresses. The real-time website shows Internet outages as they occur. The tool helped visualize heavy outages during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Visit the website at goo.gl/Zkbdch or click on the images.

Map showing outage statistics aggregated by state:
Map showing present weather condition and outage information:


Cradle is a smart baby monitor that uses IoT sensors to collect information and actively monitor an infant's vitals and deliver timely insights to the parent's smartphones.

Cradle Cradle

Contact Me

Ann Arbor, MI

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Email: ramaks at umich.edu